What Our Clients Say About Us

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It….

“the sessions are built around my personal goals and are different and enjoyable every time, his dedication and passion helps me reach my goals and motivates me to stay in engaged and continue to work hard and see the results”



“I have been having personal training sessions with Sam for a year now and at first I started with little confidence and with goals of improving my fitness and losing weight. I would never have got to where I am now without his help and support and I am delighted when I see my results and look at how far I have come. I really enjoy the sessions and hope he will continue to train me in the future!”


“It doesn’t matter whether you have a specific goal or are a complete novice and need a starting point, all sessions and classes are tailored to individuals abilities and goals so everyone gets the most out of them. Sam challenges and pushes people to achieve more than they thought they could and gives them the confidence to change their lifestyle.”



“The thought of personal training scared me initially, however I can honestly say it is one of the best decision I’ve made! I have seen significant improvement in my fitness, strength and weight and I feel more confident, energised and really enjoy the sessions (something I never thought I’d say about exercise!!). I would recommend to SB Fitness to anyone looking for the same.”


“I started personal training sessions in January as a new years resolution with my friend and we have actually stuck to our resolution! We are only four weeks in and I have already lost 10 pounds in weight and my body fat has also reduced. Sam is encouraging, motivating and professional and without his help and guidance through meal plans we would have given up our resolution like previous years!”



“One of the best things about SB Fitness is that you are challenged to reach your potential, your knowledge and skills are improved and Sam will concentrate and dedicate his time to helping you achieve what you want to. His enthusiasm and approach all sessions and classes make you want to work harder and the results speak for themselves”